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Astronaut Doug Hurley holds a unique place in space flight history.  He piloted the final NASA space shuttle flight (STS-135) and commanded the first crewed commercial (SpaceX) orbital spacecraft. On January 31, 2023, Hurley became the 29th person in history to receive the prestigious Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Col. Doug Hurley

Astronaut Doug Hurley

Doug Hurley is a former military test pilot, a civil engineer, a retired U.S. Marine colonel and an astronaut.  During his trailblazing 21-year career at NASA, Hurley flew two space shuttle missions (STS-127 and STS-135).  He travelled back to space for the third time as the commander of the SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2, the first crewed spaceflight from American soil since 2011.  Hurley helped NASA and the United States open a new era of human space travel and make spaceflight history by working with a private company to launch astronauts into orbit.

Hurley spent a total of 93 days in space and contributed 100s of hours to supporting scientific discovery on the International Space Station.

Hurley lives in Park City, Utah with his wife, Astronaut Karen Nyberg, and their son, Jack.


Space Shuttle Expedition 63

Astronaut Doug Hurley, Expedition 63

Recently retired from NASA, Hurley is a sought-after media personality and brand spokesperson. He is an in-demand speaker for audiences seeking a unique perspective on teamwork, innovation and leadership. Hurley is the space commander recognized for bridging the gap between government and private sectors to inspire teams to think out of the box and boldly create success without limits.


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